Women of the IRA, Alex Bowle, Northern Ireland, 1977.

bare arms

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street knowledge

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photographed by James Burrows (st0rmer)

hood politics

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It always surprises me how many people come out of the woodwork when someone strives towards a personal goal. To me these self presumed experts and commentators are subconsciously trying to hold other people down because of their own personal flaws or failures in the pursuit or even failure or trying to pursue dreams long past.

Jake is a bad ass, he is working hard and doing what he loves and getting to spend more time with his father to boot. I know that when I was a young teen, athletics kept me out of trouble and healthy, I wanted to be the best I could be so I did the right things as often as possible.

It’s funny, but mostly sad that people tell Jake power lifting at his age is unhealthy but no one is trying to stop kids from sitting in front of TV’s and computers, playing video games 6 hours a day while eating crap and developing terrible exercise an eating habits. Keep training bud!   


He looks so done.

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Mario Kart IRL. [zdedwards]

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I loved the gifs for this so much that I had to screencap them because I fucking hate posting gifs.

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